my sweet girl,

You are THREE! Sometimes I hold you and can’t believe you’re no longer the tiny little newborn that melted our hearts, yet other moments I am reminded that you are three going on sixteen. Always and forever my little wild child, you keep me on my toes every minute of every day. You are so independent and strong-willed, and a little sassy at (most) times, but you also harbor the sweetest compassion and love for the world.


It is the most beautiful thing to watch the complexity of your little mind unraveling all that is around you. You take in every detail, every color, and every feeling. Younotice things that I’ve passed by a million times but have never really seen, and your sense of smell guides your associations and memories in ways I can hardly wrap my mind around. You amaze me.

IMG_9244You have the most passionate love of pink, painted nails, and all things girly, balanced with a healthy desire to put on a cape, grab a sword, and fight the bad guys. You love ninja turtles and superheroes almost as much as you love to sing, dance, and play the “tar”. The world doesn’t stand a chance against you.


You are the cutest, most challenging little girl I’ve ever known… You are fierce and know what you want, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are the perfect balance of courage and grace. You have stolen our hearts forever.

always & forever,



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