my sweet little loves,

Today was my 5th time to be showered with love on this special day, and it was the best Mother’s Day yet. I woke up to thoughtful gifts and flowers, was honored at church, enjoyed a delicious brunch, and spent our afternoon playing outside and in the pool. It was perfect. Motherhood is perfect.

No matter how much I long to, I will never be able to adequately describe the joy and love you’ve brought to my life. I am so incredibly grateful that I found my calling in motherhood, and that God blessed me with you. The years of waiting and struggling were more than worth it. The rough mornings, chaotic evenings, and all the challenging times in between are all worth it. Just knowing you and having you in my life is worth every sacrifice I can give in this world.

You two are truly the sweetest little ones, each in your own way. My connection and love with each of you is just a little different, but never more or less. I hope to never know life without you in it ever again.

If I only teach you one thing in life, I hope you learn to live with love and compassion. The love of God never fails, and neither should yours. Don’t let the disappointment and challenges of the world make you forget that. Never let the actions or words of someone else determine who YOU are going to be- that is the only thing you can ever control. An act of love is never wasted in this harsh world. I hope the indescribable love I have for you allows you to see the world in a kinder, gentler way.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for calling me Mom. It’s the best role I’ve ever been given, and the one I get to keep forever. I love you both so much.

forever & always,


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