my sweetest (5 year old!) boy,

Logan, you have a heart of gold. The way you look after your girls is the sweetest thing. In my worst moments I know that you are there, loving me more and more each day. Not because of who I am, but because of you- love and kindness is who you are. My weaknesses are your strengths, and you’re everything I could never be. Your soul makes me proud.

Five years ago you changed me forever. I smile a little bigger, hold my head a little higher, and laugh a little louder- all because of you. You made me the one thing I wanted most in this world; you made me a mom. On the worst days, when there is too much yelling and too much laundry and I feel like I’m failing at everything, I look at you and smile. The best part? You always smile back. It’s as if you’ve always been a part of me- the best part that warms my heart and awakens my soul.

You are the most beautiful soul that shines bright in a world of darkness.

I don’t know where the last five years have gone, but I look forward to an eternity of loving you. I am so proud to be your mom, and grateful that you make all the craziness worth living.

Always & forever,



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