Since the first day I discovered a blog (LiveJournal, anyone?) I’ve been intrigued by the stories of strangers. I’ve loved sharing in their happiness, their fear, their successes and failures, and feeling a connection with those I would have never met without the internet. Over time strangers have turned into friends, and these friends have helped me navigate my best and worst times.

I spent many years reading blogs, never feeling like I had much of my own story to tell. Then, after a rough year in 2008, I found myself on a journey through nursing school, newly married, and facing our first deployment. I had a lot to say.

This blog has transformed from the journal of a newlywed Army wife to the scrapbook of our children’s early years… and now a compilation of life lessons, projects, and memories. You may find inspiration to save a penny and DIY everything, letters to my children, recipes and advice for a healthy lifestyle, and everything in between. I share everything that I’ve learned and found and created, and hope to help someone else along the way from my successes and missteps. I am also a proud follower of Christ, which I hope shines through the pages that you read.

Thanks for stopping by!